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Ronaldinho Sports Academy

The Ronaldinho sports academy is a project co-run by the former Brazilian/Barcelona footballer in Dubai. The aim is to introduce kids of all ages to the Brazilian way of the game.


During our time with the academy, we had the privilege of being a part of the football project, helping to expose kids to not just football skills but the moral and technical aspect of the game.


This process helped them advance in the game of football and set them up for life. Emphasizing on sportsmanship, in particular, provided a platform for kids to be better citizens and cultivate healthy relationships in every area.

Kids at the Ronaldinho Football Academy
Pictures of a Training Session for Ages 4 – 12 in Dubai UAE

Adhaaf, UAE

As a grass root development program, the Adhaaf-Axiom High School Football Tournament was an initiative to foster the scouting of young talent and to give them a platform to showcase their skills.


The program was run for about five weeks and attracted schools from across different states in the UAE. The best five teams went on to play in the national championship.


We played a part as organizers for the Abu Dhabi Emirates and also coached during the final selection process.

Ahdaaf Football Competition for High Schools
Pictures of High School Kids at the Annual Ahdaaf Soccer Competition in the UAE

University Coaching

We have had the privilege of mentoring and coaching three different international universities in the United Arab Emirates and in Dubai in particular. These universities had a goal of engaging students in the area of sports to help curb antisocial activities. Our job was to bring that dream to reality through weekly football training sessions and traveling for inter-university tournaments and league matches.


As a coach with a university team, the job description goes beyond just the outdoor activities but a mentoring process that helps the student transcend obstacles that might occur psychologically. The obstacle that might hinder them from having an amazing university experience.

Team Building Activities

Apart from being a hub for international companies, Dubai is also home to a growing culture of team building activities. The aim of organizing team building activities is to drive productivity, foster teamwork amongst employees and keep healthy and happy organization.


Our outdoor and indoor team building activities integrate both physical and mental actions that are deeply rooted in teamwork and open for everyone. We have worked for clients such as ABB, Microsoft, Embassy planet and the likes.

Mondial Team Building Activities For Companies

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